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PROLERSKATING: A May Day Rollerskating Party!

The Portland I.W.W. is proud to present our own awesome May Day party: PROLERSKATING!

All workers are welcome to our FREE rollerskating party at the Mt. Scott Community Center’s roller rink on Friday, May 1!

The action begins at 8:30pm, and we’ll roll the Union on until 11:00pm!

We’re going to celebrate International Workers’ Day with a fun, family-friendly event that is open to everyone (except bosses, of course). There will be:

  • ROLLERSKATING! (free skate rentals)
  • MUSIC! (send us your song requests!)
  • FOOD & BEVERAGES* (this will be a potluck, so feel free to bring along some snacks or a dish!)
  • CONTESTS & PRIZES! (best rollerskating moves?)
  • SOLIDARITY with your comrades!

Also, there will be an unofficial pre-party in the playground area outside of the roller rink, as we wait until 8:30 to go inside.

Please share this event with your family, friends and co-workers!

* note: alcohol is not permitted at the Mt. Scott Community Center. Let’s save the spirits for the after-party!

May Day 2014 in PDX!

Fellow Workers!

On Thursday, May 1, we invite you to march with the I.W.W. during the May Day celebration in downtown Portland!

ALL WORKERS are welcome to join us! Our strength lies in our numbers, and working class solidarity is our goal and the tool with which we will create a better society within the shell of the old.

We’ll see YOU on May Day, at Park Ave. & SW Main St. in downtown Portland, at 3:00pm!

(look for the red balloons!)

May Day 2014 – People Over Profit! on Facebook

March with the I.W.W. on May Day!

Junior Wobblies May Day Float!

Do you have a kid that might want to make a float for the May Day march?
All ages welcome! All kids welcome!
Parents do not have to be in the IWW for kids to participate.

Junior Wobblies is going to decorate a bike cart for the march, using our imagination and materials from SCRAP.

Please send an email with your snail mail address to:
so we may send an invitation to your child.


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