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Graduate Employees Union at Portland State University

Solidarity with PSU graduate student workers!

There’s a new union campaign in town at Portland State University.

Graduate Employees Union at Portland State University

On Monday, Feb. 1, there was a lively march to the university administration building, where workers presented a demand letter to the university president.

After reading out testimony and a list of demands, workers informed the president that they expect his signature on their letter of agreement by February 15. The president tried to engage workers in a dialogue, but everyone held their ground saying there was nothing to talk about until after the university recognizes and begins bargaining with the union. Chanting, “We’ll be back!”, the workers left the building in unison.

Be sure to stay tuned for more actions and rallies to support these workers!

Working For Food Justice

Working For Food Justice

The Portland IWW will be a part of this panel discussion. Please join us on Thursday, Feb. 26 at Portland State University!

Market Center Building Room 123
1600 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR

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