“We Are The Working Class” Art Reception

Friday, September 7th @ 7:00pm

Red and Black Cafe 400 SE 12th Ave. 97214

“We Are The Working Class” is a collection of images that are meant to remind us of the broad spectrum of the working class, both in the physical make up, and the broadness of the work we do. This project came out of the seeds dropped by the Portland IWW’s Patriarchy Resistance Committee (PRC) made of non-cis males, women, & those not fitting into the gender binary.

During one of PRC’s workshops an attendee said, “I didn’t know that there were women Wobs!” The workshop pointed out how the imagery we use reflects on who will be our members. The IWW has long relied on imagery of white muscle bound men to represent the working class. We need to look forward to imagery, music, literature, etc that will represent ALL of the working class.

This is our first step; we probably won’t reach perfection, but we hope it will get us walking in the right direction. The art you see is both contemporary & pulled from the recent past. We hope to inspire more revolutionary imagery to hang on the walls that will be built on the ashes of the old!

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