A Rollerskating Party for All Workers!


The Portland I.W.W. is proud to present
PROLER-SKATING: A Rollerskating Party For All Workers!

Please join us for our FREE rollerskating party at the Mt. Scott Community Center’s roller rink on Sunday, Oct. 23!

October is WOBtober, and we’re going to celebrate with a fun, family-friendly event that is open to everyone (except bosses, of course). There will be:

  • ROLLERSKATING! (free skate rentals)
  • MUSIC! (send us your song requests!)
  • FOOD & BEVERAGES* (this will be a potluck, so feel free to bring along some snacks or a dish!)
  • CONTESTS & PRIZES! (best rollerskating moves?)
  • SOLIDARITY with your comrades!

Please share this event with your family, friends and comrades!

Here’s the Facebook event page.

* note: alcohol is not permitted at the Mt. Scott Community Center. Let’s save the spirits for later!

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